Alcoholic beverages

We offer, a complete package in order to improve and monitor the quality of Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages

Spirits and wine testing is the cornerstone of our laboratory services. Wine and spirit drinks are products inextricably linked to the Greek tradition. The complexity of its composition and the delicate balances between their ingredients significantly determine its evolution and play an important role in the creation of what we call great wines and spirit drinks.

At Q&Q Analysis Food Quality Services  Laboratories, we offer, a complete package in order to improve and monitor the quality of the wine – spirit drink produced, which includes:

  • Oenological analyzes
  • Administration of oenological substances,
  • Consulting services and instructions for use of the following oenological products.

Part of our analytical services provided are:

  1. Determination of alcohol titer by volume
  2. Total Acidity
  3. Flying Acidity
  4. Sulfur
  5. Organic Acids (Trigger, Milk, Citric, Acid, Dairy)
  6. Preservatives
  7. Heavy Metals
  8. Ochratoxin A.
  9. Residues of Plant Protection Products
  10. Determination of total dry extraction
  11. Determination of volatile and methanol
  12. Flying acidity
  13. Anithol cis & trans
  14. Anisaldeidis
  15. Total sugars
  16. Phthalates esters (DMP, DEP, BBP, DBP, DEHP, DOP)


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