Milk & Dairy products

The dairy industry holds a significant position in the wider food industry…

Milk & Dairy products

The dairy industry holds a significant position in the wider food industry, as it includes some of the country’s largest food industries, which spend significant funds on new investments and modernization of their existing units.

The cornerstone of uninterrupted development is the emphasis on the safety and quality of the products produced.

The Laboratories of Q&Q Analysis, staffed with well-trained personnel and experienced in the dairy industry, which has been acquired through many years of service in the sector, is in place to undertake analysis and support services.

Part of our analytical services provided are:

  • * Determination of lactose content in lactose-reduced and lactose-reduced dairy products
  • * Determination of ash of rennet casein and caseinates
  • * Determination of total ash in milk and dairy products
  • * Determination of fat content
  • * Determination of non-fatty dry extract of butter
  • * Determination of total solids content
  • * Determination of water content
  • * Determination of calcium content
  • * Determination of casein content in milk
  • * Determination of protein content in caseins and caseinates
  • * Determination of NPN (non-protein nitrogen)
  • * Determination of titratable acidity
  • * Determination of chloride content
  • * Determination of nitrate and nitrite contents
  • * Determination of urea/ammonia in milk, dairy products, and foodstuffs
  • * Detection and determination of aflatoxin M1 in milk and milk powder
  • * Determination of freezing point
  • * Determination of natamycin content
  • * Determination of iodine


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